Our Milan Food Walking Tour is an unique and memorable tasting experience through the historic district of Brera- the oldest neighborhood of Milan, where old-world charm meets a youthful downtown vibe.  

The delicatessen that our food tour visits is a festival for the senses. Founded by the Carmignani Father and Son, it was created to showcase the best products of the Parma tradition as they say.  



The Private Food Tour is a unique and memorable tasting experience through the historic district of Brera, which is one of the oldest and fascinating neighborhoods of Milan.  

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Milan, Italy’s financial powerhouse, has much to offer in terms of entertainment and tourist attractions. Located in the Northern Italian region of Lombardy, this city is not to be missed during your tour of Italy.

Milan is a proud and beautiful modern Italian metropolis with much to taste and discover. Unapologetically cosmopolitan and luxurious, Milan has it’s fair share of artistic flair with “The Last Supper” housed by the famous Pinacoteca di Brera museum.

And speaking of suppers, Milan has an amazing cuisine for you to sit down to and savor. Have you heard of risotto? Did you know that Milan is home to risotto- and not only? Have you heard of gorgonzola cheese? Well, it is actually a city located in the province of Milan and that is where the luscious, creamy cheese was born and is made perfectly today. When most Italians think of Milan’s cuisine they think buttery, creamy risottos, polenta, fried foods and rich meat dishes.

This city is not those on a salad diet! Food in Milan is just as revered as it’s reputation for fashion! The most notable foods from Milan include breaded veal cutlets the size of elephant ears (orecchio di elefante), polenta topped with creamy gorgonzola cheese, Minestrone soup, panettone dessert bread served during Christmas time, saffron risotto, peasant meatballs (mondeghili) made with a special mortadella meat and much more! For a delicious guided tour to show you Milan’s local cuisine, Milan Food Tours are the way to go and one of the most entertaining things to do while on vacation.

Apart from scrumptious cuisine, the Milan Food Walking Tour shares the cultural tradition of the aperitivo, which is the ritual of having an aperitif drink to stimulate appetite with salty snacks before lunch and/or dinner. A Milan Food Tour will show you (almost) all there is to see and taste in this Italian food and fashion mecca!

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