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 Guided tour of the inside of Milan's Duomo Cathedral and its underground archaeological curiosities.

 Experience a breathtaking panoramic view over Milan.

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 Visit of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Duomo of Milan

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 Price: 65€ per Adult | 4-10 years old 50% OFF.

Enjoy the Most Breathtaking Panoramic View over Milan


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 Price: 65€ per Adult | 4-10 years old 50% OFF.

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Visits to the Duomo are in this case a must for anyone visiting Milan, especially for those eager to sample panoramic views of the city from the ornate cathedral terraces. Even better, by entering and exploring the Duomo as part of our Duomo & Terrace Ice Cream Tasting Tour, you will benefit from being able to experience Milan’s most spectacular place of worship with the aid of one of our knowledgeable English speaking guides.

On initially entering the Duomo, our guide will lead you and your small group down to visit the miraculously survived relics of the first church and octagonal baptistery which originally stood where the Duomo does today.

Re-entering the grandiose aisles of the cathedral nave, our Duomo tour will go on to detail curiosities such as the Duomo sundial trail, the ritual of the Holy Nail and the bloody story of the flayed apostle. In the meantime, you will be treated to the visual spectacle of the Duomo’s impressive art and sculpture collection before being taken to reach the ornate cathedral terraces via a dedicated elevator.

Still Milan’s 14th tallest building, the panoramic views afforded by the Duomo terraces are the most impressive in all of Lombardy. From the terraces, you will be treated to views of not just the modern Milan skyline but also Milan’s iconic series of medieval towers.

To finish our Duomo tour, we’ll then embark toward the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a magnificent luxury 19th century shopping mall. Here you'll enjoy a sweet finale to our fun and informative tour by sampling some authentic Italian gelato or a fragrant coffee and...a surprise lucky ritual!